Lyophilizer Policies and Procedures

The following procedures should be implemented every time the lyophilizer is used.

  1. Drain water from condenser after it is defrosted.
  2. Wipe out all freestanding water inside the condenser and wipe down with alcohol.
  3. Make sure gasket is clean and has a very light coat of vac grease.
  4. Start refrigeration and wait until the condenser is at operating temp, then start the vacuum pump.
  5. After the vacuum starts to pull down, open the process port.
  6. Replace gaskets when any cracks are visible or they don't seal good (report to Building Management at 1-5522).

    • Make sure the vacuum pump oil is clean and changed at least once a month (call Site Support at 1-2121 to schedule oil change).
    • The ballast should be open during freeze drying.