Seminar and Conference Room Policies and Procedure


The Stanton L. Young Biomedical Research Center (BRC) is a facility dedicated to the University's research enterprise and support of the academic mission. The Center has a 105 seat seminar room with space for two wheel chairs, a 14 seat conference room with perimeter seating for 12, six conference rooms with seating for 10 and two conference rooms with seating around the table for 16 and perimeter seating for 6. Rooms are routinely available on weekdays during the hours of 8:15 am - 5:00 pm . Except for the seminar room and first floor conference room, rooms are to be scheduled and used by BRC personnel only.

If your meeting should run past 5:00 p.m . and nobody is around with Building Management to lock the doors, contact campus police (271-4300) to come by and secure the room. Someone will need to stay by the room until campus police has locked all the doors. It will be the responsibility of the group using the room to make sure that all lights are turned out, the projector is turned off and the screen is up.

The seminar and conference rooms are both equipped with overhead projectors, dual 35 mm slide projectors, video projectors, and computer presentation connections that require special instructions before usage. Please contact Building Management at 1-5522 to schedule one time training prior to the date of reservation on the use of the equipment. That individual will need to be present to assist others in the meeting/seminar/conference on how to use our equipment. We will not provide assistance on how to use our equipment (especially for laptop presentations) in the seminar or conference room to any of your presenters. Make sure staff and/or faculty are prepared to show seminar lecturers/presenters how to use our equipment. Hearing assistance is available upon request for the seminar room.

Conference rooms 1276 and 1476 are equipped with built-in overhead projectors. Contact Building Management (1-5522) if you need assistance with this equipment.

Seminar Room Scheduling

Please schedule meetings in the seminar room with Building Management at 1-5522. We will need to verify the person responsible for the meeting and the department within the college or administrative unit. If you are not employed at the BRC and you require use of one of our conference rooms, please contact Building Management for permission and scheduling.

Cancellation Policy

If you will not be using the room at the date and time reserved, please call Building Management at 1-5522 to cancel your reservation as soon as possible. Continuous non-cancellation of your reservation may result in denial of further use of the facilities.

Building Management has the right to bump any meetings to accommodate the President's, Provost's, or Board of Regents' (etc.) request for use of the room.

Set Up

Each group is solely responsible for their meetings, including set-up, A/V equipment use, signage, food/beverage service, and clean-up. Please call to make an appointment before your meeting if you do not know how to operate the equipment available in each room.

Clean Up/Catering Services

No food or drink is allowed in the seminar room. Make certain that nobody brings anything to drink or eat into the Seminar room. Violations may result in department/College paying for carpets being cleaned, replaced and/or prohibited further use of room. Food and drink are allowed in the conference rooms and in the foyer. Buffet style meals for Conference room 103 should be served in the foyer and not in the room. Each group is responsible for scheduling and handling catering services. Also, each group is responsible for cleaning up and/or making certain catering has returned to clean the area immediately after the meeting. No cups, napkins, plasticware, drinks, food, trays, etc. are to be left out. All table surfaces are to be cleared and wiped down after use. The service room on the first floor is equipped with a sink, soap and other supplies. The conference rooms, seminar room, and the foyer and serving area should be left as you found them, including straightening chairs in the conference rooms, putting down table arms in the seminar room, taking down signs, returning screens to their stored position, storing all equipment, turning off all the lights and storing any tables and chairs used. All trash, in excess of the containers provided, should be properly disposed of by using the dumpsters available in the service court (North end of building on the 2nd floor). Please remove all food trash to a break room trashcan or to an exterior trashcan so as not to smell up the room for future meetings that day.

A/V Support

Full A/V equipment is available. A/V staff are not present in the BRC. For special A/V support, contact Television Services at 1-2318.

Coat Room and Personal Items

Please check the coat room and all other rooms for personal belongings.


There is limited visitor parking available in the front of the building. All conferences that require the use of the Library parking lot (J-Lot) should make parking and/or shuttle service arrangements directly with OU Parking Services at 271-2020. Proof of conference parking arrangements with OU Parking Services may be required by Building Management prior to the meeting.